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    Your dreams are free but the hustle is definitely sold separately...now is your time!


    Take a look and enjoy!


    The answer for creative entrepreneurs that desire results and not just motivation


    We understand your challenges.


    You feel as though everyone around you is doing more, earning more and just BEING more. You know you are capable of doing all it takes, but for whatever reason the pieces are not coming together. I get that frustration. I understand how it feels as though you are literally choking on your own potential. So what are you going to do about it?


    The Entrepreneur Playbook was created to ensure that you are no longer in a state of overwhelm. The ease in which the courses and modules are established will allow you to finally put the business pieces together.


    You feel as though every time you are motivated to make the shift and make the money there are things preventing you from moving forward. You read a book and make 0 moves. You go to a conference and make 0 moves. You follow your favorite guru and make 0 moves. Are you ready to be in strategic motion?


    As a result of enrolling into Entrepreneur Playbook you will have someone that holds your hand each week as you take action which will keep you accountable to your dreams, goals and plans.


    You feel as though after investing the time, asking for support and planning the best way you know how you still aren't creating the optimized revenue as a result of your execution. You are tired from false starting. You getting ready to get ready to get ready is draining you of your energy, desire and passion. Do you know that your energy could be utilized with focus?


    We understand that you have a great deal on your plate. However, we also get that entrepreneurship is what YOU make of it which is why the content is easily digestible.


    You feel like no one understands or is even willing to understand what it means to have a purpose that you have been birthed with and what it takes to see it through to completion. You're up at midnight knowing their entrepreneurship isn't just a possibility but it's your birthright. However, you would rather go along this journey to genius with someone so you don't get blindsided. Are you ready for a partner in success?


    With Entrepreneur Playbook you finally realize that there are people in the world that WANT you to succeed and will cheer you on rather than do their best to bring you down.


    You feel that your potential which is wrapped in your dream is stuck on your throat. This isn't the size of a grape seed but rather feels like the entire bunch! The more you try the more it gets stuck. The more you push the more you find yourself on the verge of passing out. Are you ready to finally breathe?


    Entrepreneur Playbook is in fact a breath of fresh air. When you realize that the answer to your challenge is just a request a way, it makes your day go by smoother than the ones before.


    Take Entrepreneur Playbook wherever you are to take you wherever you desire to go


    Your key to business success!

    MONTHLY CALLS by the Genius Team

    Your Genius Academy™ membership includes weekly group accountability calls over the course of your subscription. You can schedule this call for 60 minutes each month because that's all it takes to ensure you have completed the 1 thing in your business.


      YOU ARE IN CONTROL! Have you ever taken advantage of a course(s) and noticed, once completed, that the main reason that brought you to the course was not touched on...AT ALL?! We understand what that's like as well. In order to ensure that doesn't happen when you choose The Entrepreneur Playbook we have placed on-demand training at your fingertips. All you do is tell the Genius Team what you still desire that would bring you joy and the information is yours.


      Are you ready for your GENIUS lifestyle? Apart of being a genius is ensuring that you have resources to continue your new business acceleration which is why you will receive access to the current Genius Essential training.


      Those now include:

      - Genius Prescription System: your new system of gaining and retaining information that can apply to personal and relationship opportunities


      - Operate Like a Genius: your way of learning how to structure your business while creating a system for yourself that works


      - Finance Like a Genius: your way of designing a business that is clear on how it will prepare for and receiving funding


      - Speak Like a Genius: your way of transforming your dream of being on a stage to you learning the action steps to not just dominate your speech but to also get paid in the process


      - Publish Like a Genius: your way of taking the story that you have had in your gut and in your head for years and turning it into a dream come true AND additional revenue


      - How to Sell Your Book on Amazon: your way of traversing the process of having the book you created on the platform of the #1 retail provider in the world


      - Sell Like a Genius: your way of feeling like you are a sleazy salesperson that is doing nothing but bothering people to you understanding that you are actually serving people


      - Market Like a Genius: your way of feeling as though you are yelling to no one day in and day out to a new reality of knowing exactly who needs your product and service


      - Author 101 Bootcamp: your way of ensuring that you finally take the idea that has been in your mind (yes, that one!) and bring it to the world in written and published form


      - Entrepreneur Publicity Training: your way of making your self visible and known to more people quicker, sooner and faster


      - Speaker 101 Bootcamp: your way of taking all of those painful and successful stories, combining it with delicious content that serves your ideal audience and profiting from this possibility in a way that serves you in your core and your bank account


      - How to Build Your Live Event: your way of receiving the information that it takes to produce your live event that was created to make not only a significant difference for your attendees but also for you


      As a result of enrolling into The Entrepreneur Playbook you will have access to the Genius Cafe. The Genius Cafe is where students and those that desire entrepreneurial support are able to grab a virtual drink of awesome and support one another with what vexes them until they reach their victory. In the Genius Cafe you will also gain access to Genius on Demand which is a live session for answers to your entrepreneurial questions.

      SAVE + GROW

      Again, we respect your desire to work, play and grow with us which is why we are also ensuring that you receive 10% off of all future products, programs and services within the Genius Academy™ platform.


      When you first start a business you really want to make sure that what you say and what you send is professional and standard. As a result of taking action you will receive numerous scripts and templates that will put your mind at ease.


      Take Entrepreneur Playbook wherever you are to take you wherever you desire to go

    • ACT!

      All of this is ready for all of you


      Learn from someone who has worked with a proven consistent success track record!

      Founder, Asa Leveaux

      Building Badass Entrepreneurs

      Asa Leveaux has created the Genius Prescription System™. He has transformed frustrated dreamers into profitable and accountable entrepreneurs in 1 day. His ideal student is someone who is ready to create their first $10,000 in their business. Asa Leveaux delights in the fact that he has learned to operate within his personal motto of "possessing a joyous existence conceived by enlightened thought and achieved through love, passion and wealth".


      As a result of working with Asa, coaches, trainers and entrepreneurs are guaranteed to receive a luxury level of accountability service for themselves and their clients as they innovate, learn and grow. Asa serves the world through his endeavors of love, passion and wealth as the Chief Strategy and Revenue Officer of Leveaux Group, Inc, Founder of Genius Academy™ and best-selling author of "I Am Man Enough: 365 Affirmations for Men”. Asa, has been featured in such publications as Black Enterprise Magazine, Psychology Today and Huffington Post, often tells his audiences and clients that, "Business is a necessity. Bliss is a luxury. You deserve both!”

      My goal is that I show you how I became a SUCCESSFUL:

      • Bestselling author
      • Sought after international speaker
      • Leader in the world of small business ( serving on the National Small Business Association Leadership Council in Washington D.C.)
      • Influential businessman that reporters in national publications enjoy to speak with
      • Connecter to game changers around the world
      • Resource for high profile entrepreneurs
      And working with me and my GPS program will give you the necessary tools to achieve this type of success.

      Dancing with Lisa Nichols

      You may know her from the book and corresponding movie "The Secret" but I know what it's like to dance the night away with this great human!

      Learning from Ryan Deiss

      You may know him as the "marketing guru" and CEO of Digital Marketer but he is a great guy to share a space with and has stories on top of stories that will keep a smile on your face.

      Working with Kym & Sandra Yancey

      You may know these two as the founders of the eWomenNetwork which is the largest professional association for women in North America. These two opened their space and their hearts to me and I will be forever grateful for the opportunity.

      Friends with Josh George

      You may know him as a multiple gold medal Paralympian athlete. Josh even competed in the 2016 Olympics in Rio. I know him as a soul that is always eager to come along for the ride. I remember seeing his debut of his BMW commercial and calling him immediately after by being so proud of him.


      You now have permission to STOP being frustrated!


      Don't take our word for it.

      Jeremy Collins

      Owner of Innovate Fitness™

      I came to start over for the year and start my business to get away from corporate America. It was a 2 year process to start anything remotely big and I felt like this was the time to do it, to go big or go home. Thanks Asa!

      Cooki Turner


      Lets just start by saying I didn't really think I needed a coaching session. I've been doing and going and hustling for a long time and I'm farther than most in my position in my field. But I also believe you can never be the best only better. There is always room for growth. Hence, my entry in to a Genius VIP Day! I was amazed and floored in how much I didn't know. Even more I was surprised to know what more I was capable of doing!

      Justin G. LaRocque

      Professional Speaker

      Genius Academy’s coaching advice is direct and to the point. They know the right questions to ask and delivers accurate suggestions. I gained great insight just within one 15 minute phone call. Genius Academy gives 110% every single time.

      Veronda Bellamy

      Certified Therapist

      I want to thank you for being so awesome in helping me fine-tune one of my products; helping me get "laser-focused". You did it in such a way that was simple yet profound. I am forever grateful for your guidance and look forward to identifying my "Peter's" of the world.

      YOU ROCK!!"


      Entrepreneurship is more than just about theory inside a book...IT'S ABOUT ACTION!


      Your questions are real and valid so let's tackle them one at a time

      Question: Will this really help me?


      Answer: You bet your ass it will! The Entrepreneur Playbook was created to ensure that you are able to learn what we at Genius Academy™ refer to as the 5 pillars of business which are: Sales, Marketing, Operations, Finance and Accountability. If you feel that you can do all of this yourself then the real question is why have you not reached the level of success you've dreamed about yet?

      Question: Is it easy to use?


      Answer: If easy is synonymous with lack of work then the answer is no. However, if you are referring to the level of ease that The Entrepreneur Playbook has then the answer is...it's quite easy. The courses are available to you all at once so you don't have to worry about waiting on the Genius Team to send you new content. Also, you can send an email or call at your leisure to ensure your success.

      Question: What if I don't like it?


      Answer: Let's just imagine in the world of make believe that you actually don't like The Entrepreneur Playbook. In that case you have the option to cancel your monthly subscription at any time you wish. You are valued and appreciated, and the desire is for you to grow your business.

      Question: It says that I will get an accountability call but what is that?


      Answer: That is correct! Every month you will get on a call with the Genius Team (it may even be Asa Leveaux himself) which should last no more that 60 minutes. This call is to ensure you complete the 1 thing in your business every month.

      Question: What is the difference between Genius Academy™ and The Entrepreneur Playbook?


      Answer: Genius Academy™ is the training and development agency which produced The Entrepreneur Playbook for you to take advantage of what it offers.

      Question: To me, accountability means that someone is going to fuss or cuss at me. Am I paying to be fussed at?


      Answer: That is a very good question and the answer is no. Accountability is a bad word because so many abuse its function. We believe that accountability has 3 components which include: integration, implementation and integrity. No one will yell at you. However, you will be held accountable for everything that you do and do not do which is the very definition of leadership.

      Question: I have so much going on right now so how do I know that this is the right time to dive into The Entrepreneur Playbook?


      Answer: There is never a right time. When is the right time for you to start having the money to pay your bills with your dream rather than a check from the job that depresses you? When is the right time to be the solution to so many people's problems which are your future clients and customers? When is the right time for you to live a life that you don't always want to escape from (yea, we know why you wish to go on vacation so much)? When is the right time to live your right life?

      Question: Ok, but how am I really getting all of this for only $88.00?


      Answer: You are able to take advantage of everything available because we give a damn about you succeeding more than we care about draining you of your financial resources. The Entrepreneur Playbook was built to give you as much training as necessary for you to create your first $10,000 in your business and beyond.

      Question: I already know quite a bit from learning from other successful people at conferences, books that I've read and other programs that I have invested in. So how will this help me?


      Answer: It will help you create the first $10,000 that you have yet to make. There is no intention to discredit everything that you have learned until this point but until you start taking bold GENIUS ACTION you will continue to be the smartest unprofitable person that everyone knows.

      Question: I totally get all of the components of The Entrepreneur Playbook from the training on demand to the weekly accountability calls to the multiple entrepreneurial courses etc. My question is how do I not feel overwhelmed by what is now going to be available to me?


      Answer: That is such a great question. The intent was never to overwhelm you but rather to train you with practical steps rather than theory found in a book. Overwhelm happens when you under-plan. What that means is you will need to be intentional about dominating each step of what is offered to the point that it's on your calendar. Also, know that you can always reach out to the Genius Team to talk through your decision by sending a message to genius@geniusacademy.co.

      Question: By enrolling into Genius Academy™'s Entrepreneur Playbook, what problem will it solve?


      Answer: The problem that The Entrepreneur Playbook will help you solve is: Problem #1: You don't know what you don't know, Problem #2: You have no desire to purchase a $10,000 program but still need action steps, Problem #3: Your bank account isn't aligned with your dream, Problem #4: You are tired of people giving you motivation when you really need direction, Problem #5: You know why you want to go into business but you don't know how.

    • Come and get it!



      YES! I'm ready to get unstuck and start my business with THE ENTREPRENEUR PLAYBOOK where I will be able to finally...


      1. Create a business where I have HAPPY CUSTOMERS and RAVING FANS


      2. EXPAND my reach with focused effort


      4. Eliminate "tech overwhelm" in my business


      5. Understand what it takes to close in a sales conversation


      6. DOMINATE

      Monthly Payments

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      We at Genius Academy™ are committed to building 1,000 entrepreneurs who may have otherwise not received the information to start their businesses for one reason or another. We have partnered with multiple 501(c)3 organizations that provide resources to women and men in transition to ensure we identify individuals that are passionate about entrepreneurship.
      We can not do this without YOUR support!

      Peter Young Housing, Industries and Treatment

      Schenectady, New York

      The Altamont Program, Inc. - Operates educational and vocational programs, job placement, provides housing services, manages properties affiliated with Father Young's programs.

      Refuge Fellowship Church

      Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

      It is the mission of this house to demonstrate discipleship through a community that provides resources that empower the lives of the disenfranchised and economically oppressed.

      Your monthly commitment of $125.00 allows two (2) individuals to benefit from on-line courses that will teach them about various aspects of entrepreneurship to include: sales, marketing, operations, finance, public speaking and self publishing.

    • Current Students



      Imagine being able to have your business run in a way that makes you proud without the frustration of not having proper systems in place.


      Imagine being able to get and keep money for your business in a repeatable way without going broke and feeling that quitting is an option.


      Imagine being able to sell your products and services over and over again without coming off as sleazy or manipulative.


      Imagine being able to tell people about what you offer and them being excited without feeling as though you are yelling to no one.


      Imagine being able have a a proven way to entire the real estate industry without having cash or credit.


      You've been told you couldn't do it for too long...it's time to prove them wrong.

    • What About Genius Academy™?

      A few of the people who have received expert level training.

      Tiana Long

      Credit Expert

      I was stuck and in overwhelmed at my next steps in the process of doing my first tele-summit. Asa being the bad ass genuis master he is listen to me. Then helped me map at the process and gave me the kick in the pants that I need to get it done.


      Asa is awesome at what he does and make it super easy for you find your next steps.... So reach out to him.

      Michael Puccio

      Owner of Tone Junkies™

      Well, I have to gratefully thank Asa Leveaux for his help and showing me that "The Sky Is Not The Limit!". Though at times my questions seemed minor, he helped make sense of each and every one of them as he took the time to coach me. I am proud to announce that as of 1 July, 2016 my little idea, Tone Junkies LLC, will be opening its doors to its customers. We provide Restoration, Modification, and Build Custom guitar amplifiers by establishing a signature Tone and Appearance for our customers. Already I am established with my reputation and for being the only one that does what I do in this region but, being an actual LLC will allow for so much more!! Thanks Again Asa for helping me take my idea where it is today and where it will be in the future!

      Christian Williams

      New Entrepreneur

      "Asa helped me simplify the dream I'm after. Not only did he ask insightful questions and really get to the heart of what I care about and why, he showed me there's a simpler path and I'm closer than I thought. I felt encouraged and energized because I could tell he KNEW I could achieve my goal, and he was enthusiastically and generous in sharing a lot of specific and practical information on how it could be done. You can tell that what Asa does for a living is a labor of love."


      You've been told you couldn't do it for too long...it's time to prove them wrong.


      We desire that you are well informed

      Every effort has been made to accurately represent this product and its potential.


      There is no guarantee that you will earn any money using the techniques and ideas in these materials. Examples in these materials are not to be interpreted as a promise or guarantee of earnings. Earning potential is entirely dependent on the person using our product, ideas and techniques. We do not position this product as a “get rich scheme.”


      You have the ability to cancel your monthly subscription at any time during the duration of said subscription to the Entrepreneur Playbook. If you are having issues please contact Genius Academy at 405-446-8265 or genius@geniusacademy.co.


      Any claims made of actual earnings or examples of actual results can be verified upon request. Your level of success in attaining the results claimed in our materials depends on the time you devote to the program, ideas and techniques mentioned, your finances, knowledge and various skills. Since these factors differ according to individuals, we cannot guarantee your success or income level. Nor are we responsible for any of your actions.


      Our programs take a lot of work and discipline just like any worthwhile endeavor or professional continuing education program.


      In the state of Oklahoma, where Leveaux Group, Inc and its subsidiaries, divisions and affiliates are headquartered, there is no right to cancel contracts or purchase agreements. Whether you can receive a refund is dependent on the retailer's return and refund policies.


      As a customer you are responsible for understanding this refund policy upon purchasing any product or services at our website(s). However, we understand that situations may arise in which you feel as though you it is possible you did not make the correct decision. In these cases we offer a buyer’s remorse option which allows a money back guarantee only during the first 72 hours after money has been exchanged for a product, good or service. In order to benefit from this policy you must contact Leveaux Group, Inc., its subsidiaries, divisions and affiliates during the first 72 hours after the first payment of a product, good or service and the receipt or proof of purchase.


      By making a payment you have agreed to our refund policy.